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Generator Installation

A home generator offers an alternative means to provide electricity to your home.  If there is disruption in your home’s power, a generator continues to provide power to specified items in your home, like home appliances (i.e. refrigerators), lights, even air conditioners and heat. Some generators are able to provide power to the entire home.

C. Stretch Electrical provides both whole home automatic generators and portable home generators to home owner and businesses.  Individuals can also make your generator choice based on the different fuel types each generator runs on, from natural gas to gasoline to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We will gladly help you in making this decision as we know that this can be a daunting process.

Portable generators have many advantages including a lower cost and mobility. If you are in the market for a portable generator, we would advise a larger unit that has output of between 7000-8000 watts. This will be sufficient to power enough of the small appliances in the home (such as a fridge and a gas furnace to provide heat) to make the power outage more comfortable. Although, the mobility of the generator can be a disadvantage. If power is lost to your home or business, this type has to be maneuvered manually into place. This can be difficult for those whom are elderly or disabled. If you are in this demographic, then an automatic standby generator is for you. Automatic generators do not require any set up or positioning after the initial installation by C. Stretch Electrical.

If you are interested in an automatic standby generator, then the most common sizes are 18000-22000 watts. These generators will provide enough power for a home up to approximately 5000 sq ft. With these generators, we use a digital load management system that is able to prioritize which load you would like to give up first, for example the dryer or the range. Many people choose the primary air conditioning unit to be the last major load dropped. This is especially true in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Installation is required, even for a portable generator, as the law now mandates that an interlock and dedicated receptacle be used on the main panel. This is to prevent harm caused by a back feed to power company workers during a power outage. This installation is very simple and can be done in approximately 4-6 hours. Prices for this type of installation, without the generator, usually cost around $650 and will include a permit from the local building inspection department. Installation for a whole home automatic generator is a bit more involved and usually takes around 1-2 days. Prices for this installation start around $7500 and again include permit for both the electric and gas work and inspection by the local building department. British American Electric will provide the entire job and organize all aspects of the installation for both types of generators.

Contact us at 757-707-0645 and we will arrange for a free consultation at your home or business.

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