Sparking Outlets – What You Need To Know

Sparking Outlets – What You Need To Know

Have you ever tried plugging an electrical appliance to a socket and you saw a spark that is blue in color? It is caused by electrons that are flowing to the electric cord or cable. There some cases sparking outlet may lead to severe damage such as fire. The sparking outlet only happens when an electric appliance is plugged in the socket. This is because of the electric current that is flowing to the electric appliance is fast to the appliance within seconds so that there is establishment of electric connection between the two.

How to replace a sparking outlet

You may not be in a position to contact an electrician in case of a dangerous spark you follow the instructions below, to help you in changing the electric current. One thing you should keep in mind is that electricity is dangerous and may cause body injuries and property damage.

1. Purchase a new electricity outlet to replace the one that has been damaged. When buying an electricity outlet one thing that you should put in mind is you should buy the one with the appropriate outlet voltage.

2. Go to the panel and switch off the circuit that controls the power that leads to the room that you want to replace the electricity outlet.

3. After switching off the circuit breaker you should test the electricity outlet to ensure that no electrical current is flowing to the outlet and you should ensure that you are in your protective wear. You can test for any voltage by using a multimeter.

4. The next step is to remove the fault outlet. First you need to remove the screws that hold the outlet in place and gently remove the wire using a pliers. Then inspect the wires that were inside the outlet to ensure that they are not damaged before replacing the outlet.

5. When installing the new outlet you need to attach the wires to the receptacle using a pair of pliers. Then screw the receptacle back to the outlet box and put the cover place back into place.

6. Then go and switch on the circuit to put the power back on.

At what point is the sparking outlet dangerous?

1. When a spark persists long enough even after plugging the electrical appliance then that is an indication of a more serious electrical problem which can cause a lot of damage. Once you notice that the spark is persisting for long, switch off the electricity at the panel which is also known as the switch breaker. Then call a professional electrician to come and look at your electricity.

2. When the sparking is followed by a smoke smell. It is an indication that there is a wire insulation that is melting and there some wires that are getting into contact and they should not. This is very dangerous since it may spark fire and property can be damaged.

3. When the sparking outlet produces larger sparks than normal. A normal spark should be barely noticeable and it should be blue in color. When the sparks are large and yellow in color is an indication that the wiring has a problem and an electrician should be called to look at it immediately.

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